Rhinoial® works because while sodium chloride creates a slightly osmotic environment that attracts water, therefore thinning the mucus and facilitating its elimination, aloe leaf juice polysaccharides create a hydrated, humectant and emollient film that soothes the irritated mucosa.

Moreover, sodium hyaluronate, a hydrating substance, creates a mucoprotective, hydrating film on the damaged mucosa.

This film persists on the mucosa due to the natural mucoadhesiveness of hydrated high-molecular-weight hyaluronate, which has been further enhanced by adding glycerophosphocholine to give a really long-lasting hydrating and protective effect.

Rhinoial®’s special formulation is very gentle to the mucosa, and prolonged use does not lead to the typical discomfort that users may experience with products containing saline solution only.

Available in 20 ml packs

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