Ricerfarma relies on the constant support of its R&D division, which guarantees the scientific development and engineering of new products in order to supply distributors on various markets innovative solutions enabling them to consolidate and improve on the positions they have acquired. Ricerfarma manages and monitors all stages leading to the production of innovative products designed for sale on international markets: the original concept, the patent stage, technical development, the regulatory stage, clinical trials and pre-marketing activities.


PATENT: Topical compositions designed to maintain and/or restore the integrity of the mucosa and damaged epidermis

Within the human body, hyaluronic acid (HA) is subject to degradation by specific enzymes known as hyaluronidases. This enzymatic breakdown leads to a decrease in the molecular weight of HA, reducing its water-binding capacity.

Ricerfarma conducted several research projects designed to improve the stability of its HMW-HA, and identified ascorbyl palmitate as the ingredient able to achieve this aim.

Ascorbyl palmitate is a liposoluble form of vitamin C; in vitro studies have demonstrated that it exerts an inhibitory effect on hyaluronidase.

Ricerfarma commissioned specific tests which demonstrated that the addition of ascorbyl palmitate enhances the stability of HA in the presence of hyaluronidases, thus maintaining the effectiveness of the Gengigel formulations.

PATENT: Topical compositions designed to maintain or restore the integrity of the mucous membranes

Ricerfarma commissioned ad hoc experiments to determine the effect of introducing choline alfoscerate into the Gengigel formulations.

Choline alfoscerate is a phospholipid and a precursor in the biosynthesis of choline, an essential nutrient that is crucial to the structure and function of all living cells.

The addition of choline alfoscerate enhances the adhesive strength of the Gengigel formulations, prolonging their residence time in the treatment area. The unique combination of HMW-HA and bioadhesive polymers with choline alfoscerate ensures a long-lasting protective action on the oral mucosa and increased mucoadhesion of the Gengigel formulations.