Ricerfarma s.r.l., founded in 1996 by a group with over 30 years’ experience in the international pharmaceutical industry, is a dynamic, modern company that stands out for the excellence it has achieved as a research and development facility with a strong propensity for international licensing. The Company’s assets consist of a package of significant know-how, patents and trademarks registered worldwide, and the ability to develop and manufacture finished products ready for marketing with the aid of its widespread distribution network.
The Company now has a select network of distributors responsible for promotion and distribution of its product lines in over 80 countries, on every continent.

The first sector was oral care, where the Company is now the world leader with products that meet demand from some niches relating to the mouth.
The Company is also characterized by a strategic choice of main ingredient:
a biomimetic high molecular weight hyaluronic acid; the thorough know-how accumulated over the years with this biopolymer constitutes a unique element of specialization.
Another strategic decision characteristic of all Ricerfarma products is associated with their classification: they are classified as medical devices (in different classes) so as to bring innovative, effective and totally safe instruments to the market.